Friday, November 21, 2014

New Email, Blog change

I had to delete my long time email address: elizabeth.toman at gmail and unfortunately it was tied to this blog. The pictures will disappear, bummer. But maybe this will give me motivation to do better at keeping it updated!
From our recent (October) trip to Kentucky: Natural Bridge State Park.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Fabulous Fall

We have had great weather lately, maybe slightly on the too warm side - if that is possible - and have spent a lot of time enjoying it. We love autumn in Ohio!
Last weekend we found a waterfall in a Columbus city park:
The neighborhood Ox Roast (where we found out that Asher's dislike of swings also extends to any motion ride, including carousels).
 Crew game! With Cadie's toothless smile. She has lost 5 already and only allowed the tooth fairy to have one. She is NOT sharing her teeth. Have I mentioned that I fear for her hoarding tendencies?
 This picture is here to remind me that homemade applesauce is not worth the effort, even with free apples and a borrowed strainer. Why do I never remember this?

 Backyard bonfires and mallow roasting with friends (it actually got cool enough to get out our fleece).
 And soccer continues...
 With Asher believing that he is an essential part of the team. Two more long years buddy until you are old enough.
 Some indoor pictures BC (before church). The short time period when they the little ones look put together, almost. No comments on the untucked shirt please.

And one for my brother - plaid is back, baby!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

End of Summer? Not yet... please.

It can't be fall yet! We haven't finished our Toman Family Summer Fun list! A few big indicators that summer has come to a close:
1. Cadie started Kindergarten!
Neighbors had prepared our sidewalk!
Asher wanted to stay in Cadie's class. While we were helping Cadie hang up backpack, put her lunch in the bin etc., Ash sat down in a chair and grabbed a pencil and was ready to get to work.

Walking school bus the first "real" day.

2. Asher turns two! Opening loads of presents:

Found a quiet place to eat a snack:
What a sweet little boy he has become (expect for those moments of anger management issues). Here he is at two:
And for comparison, what he looked like a year ago:
And almost two years ago!

3. Soccer is back (Cadie) as is college football. Cadie's team is younger and much less experienced than last year's and today's game was a bit on the silly side. But she had fun - we'll work on her skills and get some photos soon. Eric and I went to an OSU game and had awesome seats. Fans here are crazy. Maybe someday you will say the same about me. The OSU marching band is fabulous.

Eric's teaching classes and I'm trying to bottle up every last taste of summer from our garden. I guess summer is over, but that just means the fall festival season is on it's way. Lots of fun to come still!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Yes, Ohio has topography and forests

When we talk to family and friends who live in the west about Ohio we try to explain that the state isn't entirely corn. We have windmills! Driving through NE Ohio:
Actually, pre-1700s, 98% of Ohio was covered with forests. Today we are at about 35% forest land owned mostly by small private owners but there are plenty of forested state parks and one national forest. The other common misconception is that Ohio is flat. About half of the state was once covered by glaciers and that part is, well, flat, but as the glaciers left the melt-waters carved through the sandstone and formed amazing gorges, cliffs, and caves. In addition much of the southeast part (appalachia) of the state is very hilly. 
So far this summer we have made three trips to forests near us. The first was a day-trip with lots of kid friends for a fun hike at Old Man's Cave.  Little man wanted to go it alone:
Some of the 19 kids involved in our hike (how many kids can you fit in a mini-cave?).
We had a ton of rain over Independence Day weekend but when there was a gap in the weather we made a break for Conkle's Hollow - a hike along a small stream in a gorge to a waterfall.

Last weekend the weather finally cooperated and we headed south again to Hope Lake for a camping trip, our first with Asher. We had friends join us and overall it was a grand success. Although there are no pictures we also tried out the swimming beach - really crowded and not my ideal "beach" but the location made up for it. 

Story time.
The crew hiking. Sweet Molly up front.

So friends, come visit!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Online Journaling

OSU made the switch from quarters to semesters this past academic year and with the change our teaching schedules were re-arranged. Now with semesters, Eric teaches all but his study aboard course in the Fall term and I teach both my classes in the Spring term. This leave one of us available for sick-kid, no-day-care days throughout the year. But it also makes for crazy teaching terms. Spring was pure chaos for me and my blogging, which serves as our family journal, has suffered. As has the standard of cleanliness in our home. But we made it through! And then just as final grades were being submitted we took off for a month adventure. I'm going to photo document the last 2 months and hopefully get some stories in later. For now, grandparents, this photo blast is for you.
Gymnastics class
Big girl bike!
 Vet day. She wants to be a muskrat doctor.
 Easter duds.
 Missing something.
 She scored! Twice! While Eric was in Australia.
 Kids stay in Salt Lake City. Fun and fancy ice cream with (second) cousins.
 Finding treasures and saying goodbye to Bestemor's house.
 Water parks.
 Family barber shop.
Bangs are so funny!
Family resemblance?
And while the kids had fun with Oma and Opa, I met up with Eric in Queensland.
Diving at Great Barrier Reef
 Beach relaxing, sans kids.
 Everyone reunited, next stop, Estes Park CO. 
Kids were worn out before we even got there.
 YMCA, Rockies.
Elk in our backyard.
 A natural history lesson.
 Hay ride.
 Roasting marshmallows. 
 Cowboy poet.
 Horse rides.
 Junior ranger oath. Rocky Mountain National Park.
 This is summer right?
 Cousins in Denver.
 Back to Columbus for pre-K (and day care) graduation. Cadie was given the kite award for flying high.
 Big machines at COSI.

Plenty of summer left to enjoy. More fun to come!