Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cousins Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas in Denver with Grandma T and the cousins. While the best part was spending time with family we did get to do some fun things, including many firsts for the little Toes.
Asher's first snow shovel - helping clear the driveway to make room for some hoops. 
Trying out some wheels:
Cadie rides a bike! She has only ever ridden a balance bike and so we were amazed when she hopped right on her cousins bike and was able to pedal away. I guess it is time for her own big girl bike.

First ice skating! Also first harnessed rock climbing (no pictures). The little girl enjoyed both while the parents took turns trying to keep the little boy entertained.

 We spent time with the dinosaurs at Denver's science museum.
 Where there were plenty of activities for even the smallest.
 New snow for Christmas day sledding.

 It was fabulous to be with family for Christmas. And there were gifts.
 And silly faces with cousins.
And although I don't have the photos to document it, my favorite memory was the cousin dogpile on Eric. We all had a great time.

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Krista Paxton said...

Happy Birthday (to Cadie) and Merry Christmas! We miss you guys! It's bitter-sweet to see the girls growing up!!