Monday, July 15, 2013

Yes, Ohio has topography and forests

When we talk to family and friends who live in the west about Ohio we try to explain that the state isn't entirely corn. We have windmills! Driving through NE Ohio:
Actually, pre-1700s, 98% of Ohio was covered with forests. Today we are at about 35% forest land owned mostly by small private owners but there are plenty of forested state parks and one national forest. The other common misconception is that Ohio is flat. About half of the state was once covered by glaciers and that part is, well, flat, but as the glaciers left the melt-waters carved through the sandstone and formed amazing gorges, cliffs, and caves. In addition much of the southeast part (appalachia) of the state is very hilly. 
So far this summer we have made three trips to forests near us. The first was a day-trip with lots of kid friends for a fun hike at Old Man's Cave.  Little man wanted to go it alone:
Some of the 19 kids involved in our hike (how many kids can you fit in a mini-cave?).
We had a ton of rain over Independence Day weekend but when there was a gap in the weather we made a break for Conkle's Hollow - a hike along a small stream in a gorge to a waterfall.

Last weekend the weather finally cooperated and we headed south again to Hope Lake for a camping trip, our first with Asher. We had friends join us and overall it was a grand success. Although there are no pictures we also tried out the swimming beach - really crowded and not my ideal "beach" but the location made up for it. 

Story time.
The crew hiking. Sweet Molly up front.

So friends, come visit!

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